Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Evaluation // Submission Form // Biblography.

Below is My final Evaluation and Module Submission Form;

Self Evaluation

Module Submission Form

F & J Groundworks // Final Submission Boards

Friday, 30 November 2012

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Escobar Cantina // Finished A3 Wall Pieces & Wall Hangings

The finished skulls me and Sadie Poruced both use very different techqniues but both sit well as a pair or sries, newlo are some photos of the finer details you can't see from far away. I really love how the paint has settled into the cracks in the surface of the wood.


Below are a selection of photographs of mine and Sadie's finished pieces;

Escobar Cantina // Laser cutting Skulls

Today I took our final pieces to laser cutting, working with 6mm mdf and using the laser to rasterize our image into the wood rather than engraving or cutting straight through. I thought this was the perfect depth into the wood for it to be noticeable on touch but not too rigid or deep.

Escobar Cantina // Spray Painting Skulls

Me and Sadie decided that we were going to produce two final plaques each, both using laser cut to initially cut our design into wood but then working in different media to add our layer of colour. Sadie chose to work in screen printed media where as I chose to work with spray paint. I used the decorative layer I drew early to create a stencil on the laser cutter using thick a3 card, then faded a range of colours into each other across the top of the stencil.

Escobar Cantina // Laser Cutting

Escobar Cantina // Mounting Work & Painting

The Universes Pupils // Photoshoot

After producing and making all my products I wanted to do a photo shoot that could eventually go onto being made into a look book for the release of my brand. I wanted to do a photo shoot outside in a natural environment to play on the whole theme of being produced from natural fibers and having ethical production methods, I thought a forest or woodland would be an ideal setting. Typical British weather stopped me from doing this but I did manage to set up a smaller scale photo shoot, working in 2 friends front room with some lights rented from photography. I thought that the message behind my brand was about including everyone, so I thought using a standard students front room highlights the fact that this is done on a small budget and wants to include everyone no matter their status.

The Universes Pupils // Product Photo Shoot

I rented out lights and a series of lenses to photograph and present my printed garments. I chose to photograph them on a slab of wood sticking with my theme of being a natural fibre company.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Escobar Cantina // Laser Cut Plaques

Below are my final laser cut plaques that I designed ready to be mounted In Escobar, I think they work well as a 3, I'm really happy with how the side brackets have come out, I did this so that they could be easily drilled into the wall when it comes to mounting.

The Universes Pupils // Final Hats & Labels

Below are my final hats and leather cut labels, I thought seen as I had so many left over after stitching them to my hats that they'd make be a nice addition to the string attaching the swing tags.

The Universes Pupils // Laser Cutting Labels

As you can see a lot of my samples went wrong due to the velocity of the laser being set too high or too low. I Set the laser cutter to cut through sections of my fabric and then only etch other sections, below is an example of some of the pieces that didn't quite go to plan.

I tried laser cutting three different types of leather to see which gave the best results, I found that PVC seemed to produce an unsual light green tone when etched but real brown leather cut through perfectly after a few nights of different attempted settings on the laser cutter. It was hard to perfect the setting and keep the type readable, but after reducing the power of the laser and increasing the amount of times it passed across my paths I got some much better results.